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i'm likening it to the wild wild west, circa gold rush. community management is an immensely blossoming field that was once seen as social media moderating and has become it's own respected professional arena within only the past few years. it is multifaceted and pesky to nail down, but i see it as the specialized and layered approach to curating and maintaining a niched group of people. 

most typically, it includes: 

  • forum moderation

  • copywriting

  • tons of brainstorming for things like guidelines

  • process & system creation & optimization

  • collaboration

  • high touch engagement

  • content creation

  • strategy

  • some light design

  • maybe UX & UI 

  • user research

  • need i go on?


the point is, it's an industry riddled with confusion and burnout. i offer 1x1 advising sessions for those transitioning to this field or those beginning their professional lives, through empathetic, practical & consistent guidance. the kind i wish i had when i began!