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Why can I advise you?

community management isn't something i thought that I'd been doing all these years! with titles like program leader and volunteer event coordinator, i didn't recognize the pattern until i finally took a few minutes to sit down and review who I've been professionally to now. 


i encourage you to do the same and if you find yourself with intrigue on the community management path, [whether as a newbie or incomer from another industry] i can assure you that I can better guide you on your way than I did for myself. with nearly a decade of community experience, I can help you more clearly view and understand metrics, brainstorm new creative ideas, troubleshoot processes and improve your time management through prioritization. 

if you'd like to have a conversation about what we can accomplish together, please click below!

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Victoria is one of the most incredible mentors I've ever had. Her energy is bright and contagious, and she has been both approachable and reliable since day one. She's as intelligent and resourceful as she is inspiring and kind. Vic has consistently provided me with tangible resources, creative guidelines, valuable time management and organizational strategies, as well as a ton of new ways of looking at/solving problems. She is dedicated to growing communities in ways that are organic and real, fostering genuine support and connection. She is a natural leader and creator. Every single person that has the pleasure and opportunity to meet and work with Victoria is better for it –  I know I am. Thank you for being you, Vic!

Alex F.